golf-trolleyUK electric golf trolleys, the home for electric golf trolleys / trollies. Like Powakaddy. Buy an electric golf trolley online from UK Electric Vehicles (our sister website and online electric vehicles shop). If you are a golfer and are looking for an electric caddie / caddy to carry your clubs around the course then UK Electric Golf Trolleys are for you. We sell electrically operated golf trolleys (caddies / caddys) online. We sell remote controlled electric golf trolleys. We sell manually operated electric golf trolleys. We sell electric golf trolleys. Golf trolleys that are electrically driven or golf trolleys that are driven by electricity / electric. You might be looking for an automatic golf trolley or an automatic golf trolley or just a golf trolley. Perhaps you require a motorised / motorized golf trolley. Or maybe it’s just a powered caddy / caddie you want. You might be seeking a remote controlled golf trolley or a remote controlled golf caddy / caddie. Whatever is it, an electric golf trolley from UK Electric Golf Trolleys is for you.
UK Electric Golf Trolleys
UK Electric Golf Trolleys welcomes you


Do you find golf exhausting rather than the relaxing leisure persuit it should be?
Is transporting your clubs all over the place becoming more of a challenge than getting out of a bunker?
Is playing around on the course just wearing you out?
Is dragging your golf clubs around all day becoming a real drag?
UK Electric Golf Trolleys can help

If you haven’t even the energy left for the 19th hole at the end of the day then perhaps you need some help – why not let UK Electric Golf Trolleys carry your clubs for you?

Enjoy golf again, with one of our foldable, environmentally-friendly (powered by rechargable batteries, so emmission-free), remote controlled (or manual) superior electric machines. Save your strength for that killer opening drive (or that heavy glass or two of wine in the club house!) instead of wasting it pushing your heavy golf bag up hill and down dale.

What we’ve got on offer

All of our electric golf trolleys are foldable and come complete with tee holders, scorecard holders and handy carry bags for easy and protected storage in car or home – ready for the next time.

All (with their various climbing capabilities) can cope with the often unpredictable course terraine and all offer enough golf bag capacity (up to 28kg on the remote-controlled Warrior 105FR) for even the pro golfer.

Our current models

UK Electric Golf Trolleys Warrior 105 is a tidy little manually operated number, foldable and with a top speed of 6km/h.

UK Electric Golf Trolleys Warrior 105g is the more compact cousin of the Warrior 105 but still with the same capactity (20kg) and speed available.

UK Electric Golf Trolleys Warrior 105fr is our remote controlled heavyweight with a higher capacity (28kg) and greater climibing incline allowance.

What next

Need more information? Click on the hexagon button of your choice to view more details on the individual products.

Heard enough? Want to buy a Warrior, right now? Don’t worry, you don’t have to make a trip out to your local golf equipment supplier to get your hands on one – buy direct from us online today from the comfort of your own home and we’ll deliver it straight to your door.


We can also supply spare parts (replacement batteries, wheels etc) for those of you already the proud owner of one our Warriors . Simply click the spare parts button to send us your request.

Calling all golf widows, widowers and orphans

Don’t play golf yourself, but know someone who does? An electric golf trolley would make an ideal gift for the golfer in your life.

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